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Government Contracting

Year-end budgets drive spending!

The Federal budget deadline is September 30th! Now is the time to take advantage of Government contracting. What they don't use...they lose! If you have considered tapping into the Government contracting arena, click on the image above to schedule a FREE consultation!

Small Business Tax Tips for Freelancers and Solopreneurs

Business Growth Consulting
Developing Relationships...Delivering Results

As a small and medium business owner imagine the freedom and security that comes with knowing what to expect at every step along your entrepreneurial journey. Anticipating the unknowns beforehand would allow you the capacity to consider what combination of tactics would be needed to head off disaster. Imagine the freedom of being able to predict and maneuver potential roadblocks that stand in the way of your success.

Without the elusive crystal ball, the next best thing is having someone in your back pocket that has first-hand knowledge in knowing what lies ahead and can guide you through the minefields to the other side. That is the role of a strategist, more importantly, a sequencing strategist. Unlike traditional strategists who help to identify the route from point A to point B, a sequencing strategist helps you identify alternative routes designed to avoid roadblocks encountered along the journey.

Imagine having at your disposal someone who can, not only help you avoid the roadblocks but get you to revenue faster than traditional strategic planning. What if the knowledge imparted could be transferred to you and your management team so that you could confidently tackle any obstacle you encounter?

MarketAtomy, LLC was established with one goal in mind…to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge you need to build your business on a rock-solid foundation. We do this by providing a growth development-learning environment for small and medium business owners.

We reject traditional strategies by concentrating on you and the experience you need to grow revenue. By focusing on your outcome and journey as a small and medium business to achieve stable revenue faster with sustainable infrastructure at the same time.

A Message from CEO Danna Olivo

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There is POWER in gathering a group of people who are working toward common goals. MarketAtomy's Community give subscribers the opportunity to learn alongside other individuals working through the many hurdles associated with growing a sustainable business. Functioning like a mastermind group, MarketAtomy's Community combines the BEST of personal growth and team collaboration.

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Charged Up Studio Podcast
Government Procurement
US Federal No-Bid Contracts
Annual Strategic Planning

As small business owners we are often caught off-guard by events and changes happening outside of our business until it is too late.

Charged Up Studio is your eyes and ears to what is happening within your market that could directly effect to success of your company.

This weekly 30-minute podcast focuses on political, economic and business trends that you should be paying attention to, but just don't have the time.

Consider us your man on the street keeping you in the loop.

The federal government has been trying desperately to maneuver another recession, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of their efforts. Their budget ends September 30th and they must spend it or lose it. Government  contracting is a great way to maneuver during these times of economic uncertainty whether federally or through local contracts.

The government was specifically set up to help small businesses. So, if you’re thinking about tapping into the government contracting arena click the button below to find out more info. 

Did you know that by law you as a small business owner are entitled to receive vendor contracts with the government? Did you know that these contracts don't have to be bid? Find out how you as a small business can gain access to these no-bid federal contracts and kick start your revenue process. It doesn't matter how small you are, how much experience you have, or even whether you are generating revenue or not yet. This is the first step to building the relationship needed with the government to qualify for the larger projects. Schedule a FREE consultation by clicking the button below to find out more information

If you’re thinking about strategic planning, then you probably feel that you and your team can do better. You have ASPIRATIONS – they may be relatively modest, or they may be “Big Hairy and Audacious.” In either case, we can help you identify and account for all of the “What Ifs,” “How Tos” and “Whys” that inevitably are overlooked in the planning process. The end result is a strategic plan that launches you and your organization toward your new, brighter future.

MarketAtomy’s Consulting Promise

Why Choose Us

The MarketAtomy success team and our partners understand what you as a small business owner struggle with on a daily basis, because we have all been there and done that. We don’t promise high-level expert  advise, but rather tried and true lessons learned that have proven effective over years of hands on learning.

MarketAtomy's mission is to prepare you the small business owner for success, through cognitive awareness, focused education and strategic collaboration. We will help stop the early financial bleed by equipping you with the resources, tools and guidance to skyrocket you to success!

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