The Story of MarketAtomy

The MarketAtomy Concept originally began to take form in 2010, but it was after a near-death experience that I encountered in August of 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that it really came to fruition. At the time I was working hard to develop inroads into Brazil for US companies who were struggling to survive in an economic recession that was affecting the entire world.

In August of 2012 I was hit by one of Brazil’s rapid buses while crossing the street to my apartment in Copacabana. The resulting 8 weeks of recovery in Brazil before I was allowed to fly home and additional 4 months of surgeries and rehab put a serious dent in my entrepreneurial efforts in not only Brazil but also home in the US. About 2 weeks after returning to the United States I was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the accident. My business hit a brick wall. Not only did my efforts in Brazil stop, but because of the PTSD I struggled to get back to business as usual in the US for fear of reliving my accident and the pain all over again.

During my recovery time however, the universe was not going to let me hide away. I had many colleagues and friends visit me exasperated because they had started their new businesses and were struggling to bring customers through their doors. They were “bleeding money” and couldn’t figure out how to turn the situation around. Through the process of consulting and mentoring them I uncovered that they had launched their businesses because they couldn’t find work during the recession and still needed to pay their bills. They started with a good product or service, but did not know how to build a business around it. As I continued to mentor them, I realized that I needed to find a way to communicate the concept of what a successful business looks like in a manner they would understand and comprehend. Hence, the introduction of MarketAtomy.

The MarketAtomy Concept is the study of the generative marketing anatomy of a successful corporate environment. It demonstrates how marketing is the lifeblood of any corporation. The BODY represents the target market; the BRAIN represents the Structure of the business, driving all other aspects including product or service development, implementation and delivery. Equally as important is the “HEART” of the business, which is Marketing and Branding. Your marketing and branding efforts identify and target who, when, how and why you are in business in the first place and communicate this to your customers. Finally, the ARTERIES and VEINS, which carry the vital marketing message throughout the body, represent the marketing channels and tools.

As in the human body, the BRAIN can’t operate without the HEART and the HEART can’t operate without the BRAIN. The same goes in Business. The WHY must get it’s directives from the HOW and the HOW must incorporate the WHY into all of it’s structures, systems and methodologies to effectively bring QUALIFIED customers through your door. With this understanding, it easier to incorporate the skills and tools needed to build a highly successful and robust business. Without Customers, there is no business!

Become A Customer Magnet!

As a business owner chances are you are struggling with conflicting priorities and a never-ending-to-do list. It seems the more you do, the more there is to do!  Welcome to entrepreneurship!  The good news is that with a clear business vision, launching or growing your business doesn’t have to seem like climbing Mount Everest!

MarketAtomy’s Signature Vision Mapping Program is the process of capturing your compelling Vision for your business and developing the strategy to make that Vision a Reality! The excitement that results when you see your vision clearly captured often provides a spark to ACTION! What was a dream now feels real and the path to freedom is real! Amazing things happen when you’re clear on the Vision for your business…You become a magnet for customers!

The MarketAtomy proven 5-step Visioning process is perfect for new or growing/changing businesses that desire clear direction and focus. The resulting Vision becomes your blueprint, helping to ensure all business decisions; practices and systems work in harmony toward a common objective…ATTRACTING CUSTOMERS!

During the Visioning mapping process, the MarketAtomy team asks key trigger questions designed to uncover gaps, based on years of working with entrepreneurs.  These gaps have stopped business growth and led to business failure.

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Do-It-With-You Services

We understand that there are times when there are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. We believe that it is important for business owners to understand WHY certain strategies are needed in order to become the successful entrepreneurs they envision. Therefore, MarketAtomy, LLC supports a full-service marketing and business development Do-It-With-You program focused on assisting clients in the implementation of their strategic programs.

MarketAtomy assists industry professionals in winning more work by emphasizing an A.C.T.I.V.E. Marketing Solutions program that identifies and promotes unique selling characteristics that are  Affordable,  Current,  Targeted,  Integrated, Versatile and Evolving.

MarketAtomy’s A.C.T.I.V.E. solutions are designed to introduce and streamline efficiencies of scale to enhance corporate strengths and position clients favorably for new opportunities while minimizing weaknesses and proactively heading off economic threats.

The benefits of working with the MarketAtomy team on an individual project or as an integrated part of your management team are:

  • A clear, concise and unbiased perspective in decision-making
  • The contribution of fresh, new ideas contributing to impactful new approaches to what you already have laid out
  • A diplomatic yet proactive approach to conflict resolution creating a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect
  • Results oriented focus setting the RIGHT goals and milestones for progress

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