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The following is the 1st part of an 8-Part series focused on “How To Become A Customer Magnet,” the metaphysical mindset, processes, and systems that contribute to developing a team of RAVING Customer Fans. The magnetic process, now being incorporated into a stand-alone book, will be released on Amazon this summer. Authored by Danna, the Customer Magnet concept is incorporated into many of her strategies over the past decade. Enjoy!

Becoming A Customer Magnet!

Anyone who’s ever been in love understands the inexplicable draw that happens between two people connected at a deep, almost subconscious level. I say subconscious because there seems to be an invisible tether or magnetic pull that speaks louder than words or actions.

You’re probably wondering how this relates to CUSTOMERS and Business.

Consider this. Have you ever been in a situation in business where you walk into a room full of people at a networking event or seminar and discover that the energy in the room seems to focus around one or two individuals? You ask yourself, “What’s happening? Why do they seem to be the center of attention among a room full of hundreds of other professionals? What makes them so important…or how can I become like them?”

It’s simple… we’ve heard it before. You attract what you put out to the universe whether positive or negative. It’s metaphysics. You believe that you’ll accomplish what you set your mind to and chances are you will succeed. The self-doubt creeps in, and you put your trust in what could go wrong or your lack of capabilities… you’re destined to fail.

The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes while negativity begets adverse outcomes. Hang around long enough, and you will see a distinct difference in attitude and demeanor among those who draw and those who repel in the room. Many people still doubt the effectiveness of a positive mindset versus a negative one. Personal experience has taught me that my attitude speaks volumes way before I even say a word. I’ve been in situations where I’ve attended a group event not really “feeling” it and have found that my negative attitude was similar to engaging a “force field” around me. “Beam me up, Scotty!” Other times when I’ve gone into situations with a positive attitude and pumped up on life, I’ve found that I am entrenched the minute I walk through the door by people that I want to engage.

Let me tell you a little story to demonstrate my point. I was attending an informational conference on medical tourism a couple of years ago. What I didn’t realize was the room where the meeting was to take place changed at the last minute. As I’m walking around trying to find the new room, I ran into about five others searching for the same room. We joked around following each other like a momma duck and her little ducklings in search of this new room. I had never met any of these individuals before, but we shared a common issue that connected us on a level that invited comradery. That’s not the point of my story, though. When we finally found the room and walked in…all six of us, I was immediately approached by individuals that I hadn’t seen in months. I had just returned from an international business trip Brazil, so I had been out of touch for about five weeks. During the morning session of this conference, these individuals that I had lost touch with temporarily continued to introduce me to others in their sphere of influence. It was a great morning!

The next day while dressing to go into the office with my mouth full of toothpaste, I get a call from one of the gentlemen who was “lost” and part of our original search party the day before. He proceeded to explain that he felt compelled to give me a call to set up a time to meet and talk more. His exact words were, “You’re someone who’s connected, and I want to be part of whatever circle you are in.” Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep from choking on my toothpaste without being rude. I probably should have never answered the phone while brushing my teeth, but I’m glad I did because he ended up becoming a client. The point I’m making is not to not answer your business phone while brushing your teeth but that the Law of Attraction can open up opportunities not previously on the horizon by merely putting yourself out there and letting it work through you.

Next in the “Customer Magnet” Series – The SCIENCE of Attraction


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