The following is the 6th part of an 8-Part series focused on “How To Become A Customer Magnet,” the metaphysical mindset, processes, and systems that contribute to developing a team of RAVING Customer Fans. The magnetic process, now being incorporated into a stand-alone book, will be released on Amazon this summer. Authored by Danna, the Customer Magnet concept is incorporated into many of her strategies over the past decade. Enjoy!

OK full transparency here…I am so over this pandemic! More than anything my heart hurts as I watch more and more micro/small businesses losing the battle to keep their doors open. As a small business myself I have seen 80% of my clients drop off as they maneuver this new way of doing business. Flexibility is key to surviving hiccups that are out of our control. As we move forward and reintegrate out of this situation, we are going to see some major changes. I see more and more businesses adopting permanently to remote working environments. Does that mean you restructure the way you meet the expectations of your customers? NO!

The customer journey is still critical to building a sales funnel that gives back…meaning building a tribe of RAVING FANS! The challenge comes in figuring out how to do this with a remote team while maintaining the cultural elements and responsiveness you have built. Chapter 5 of ‘How. To Become A Customer Magnet’ focuses on building an infrastructure that supports sustainability and customer loyalty. The full book is now available on Amazon.

Creating an Infrastructure to Support SUSTAINABILITY

Just like the magnet is the conductive tool for attracting metal objects, the infrastructure that you put in place to support the customer experience will attract even more customers. Think about it. What, or who, are your best sources for engaging and converting more customers faster? Answer? Existing customers!

By building an infrastructure internally to service the expectations of your customers, you can exponentially reduce the chances of them leaving you for the competition. Price is no longer the deciding factor. Look at Apple. They have never had to bow down to price wars because they knew their customers and what they wanted from their technology products. Apple consistently delivers on what they promise, and loyal customers continue to come back, time and time again.

For years we have rested on the laurels of good customer service. However, creating an environment that promotes customer “stickiness” involves more than just good customer service. It involves convenience, consistency, transparency, innovation and much, much more. It involves taking your customers on a journey of experiences that create value for them every step of the way. It’s being able to anticipate the next expectation before they even realize they want it. It’s interpreting organizational change and communicating the aspects of that change so you can engage every member of your team. It’s building a culture that resonates beyond the boundaries of the organization to your market and potential prospects.

Transparency is critical in building relationships, which is why you should focus on engaging the customer in the experience process. If you are unsure about what your customers expect, ask them.  By asking, you are positioning your company as one that is genuinely committed to meeting their needs. Ultimately, the process will become second nature and you will be able to predict where the journey is going and anticipate the customer’s needs at every touchpoint.

Let’s Talk About Touchpoints

Touchpoints are the magnetic components that attract and retain customers. They can be digital or physical. Think about all of the ways prospects and customers engage with your brand. Everything from how you dress for a networking event, to the onboarding process new customers go through during the conversion process, to the marketing/advertising channels used–these are all potential touchpoints. The account services manager, the bookkeeper or accountant are touchpoints. Google, Yahoo, and rating platforms are all touchpoints.

A touchpoint map illustrates the journey a customer or prospect takes through each touchpoint along the way. You could have many different touchpoint maps depending on the number of product/service offerings you have, the various segments the customer is part of or the customer’s level of engagement. Touchpoint Journey Mapping is one of the programs that MarketAtomy offers to our clients. Oftentimes, it is offered in combination with the Empathy Mapping and Customer Journey Mapping processes. If you would like more information on any of these programs go to

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