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The following is the 2nd part of an 8-Part series focused on “How To Become A Customer Magnet,” the metaphysical mindset, processes, and systems that contribute to developing a team of RAVING Customer Fans. The magnetic process, now being incorporated into a stand-alone book, will be released on Amazon this summer. Authored by Danna, the Customer Magnet concept is incorporated into many of her strategies over the past decade. Enjoy!

The SCIENCE of Customer Attraction

Part 1 of the Customer Magnet Blog Series explored how belief and attitude can attract or detract customers. The magnetic pull that draws in prospects is directly related to the energy we put out around and through us. Part 2 will explore the SCIENCE behind the Law of Attraction. Let’s look into the metaphysics of attraction and examine the philosophical belief that one’s reality originates in one’s own mind. That belief is transmitted into magnetic energy.

Dopamine, produced by the hypothalamus, is a particularly well-publicized player in the brain’s reward pathway. It’s released when we do or say things that feel good or make others feel good. It’s that connection needed to attract those we want to attract. In a room full of people or even in a one-on-one situation the release of dopamine can’t be faked. It’s released naturally. For this reason, people react negatively when they detect you’re not being truthful or you’re “faking it” in hopes of making an impression.

The metaphysics of attraction examine the philosophical belief that one’s reality originates in one’s own mind. We believe therefore it must be. Our consciousness perceives and identifies what exists within our own metaphysical parameters and therefore is a viable reality.

By definition, The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring equally responsive experiences into our lives and is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are made from “pure energy”, and that a process of like energy attracting like energy exists through which a person can improve their health, wealth, and personal relationships.

The universal Law of Magnetic Attraction states that we attract into our lives people, things, and circumstances that correspond with our dominant patterns of emotional thinking. The Law of Expectation, equally as important, states that whatever we expect with feeling becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, belief without expectation is simply an idea. The expectation is what drives momentum.

In order to become a customer magnet attracting all of the customers you desire and keeping them involves more than a metaphysical belief. The expectation that what you perceive happening requires the ability to meet the expectations. In other words, you can’t decide that you will drive a car without any experience, or a license or even a car. The expectation of driving comes with certain parameters that must be met.

Attracting customers comes with the same expectations. How will you manage the customer’s expectations once you’ve attracted them? What are your expectations from the customer? Naturally, you want to get paid. It would stand to reason that you’d want them to also give a favorable review, or remain with you through the entire selling process, or perhaps refer you to their friends and family. That is what customer magnetism is all about. Creating an environment that feeds both sides of the expectation coin…yours and the customers.

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Danna is a Business Growth Strategist and CEO of MarketAtomy, LLC. Her passion is working with small first-stage entrepreneurs to ensure that they start out on the right foot and stay on the path to financial freedom. Known as the Business Birthing Specialist, Danna understands the intricacies involved in starting and running a successful business. As an intricate component ingrained into her client’s business structure, she works diligently to keep her clients accountable and on track to fulfilling their success goals.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida’s College of Business. She brings more than 35 years of strategic planning experience in business, marketing, and business development both nationally and internationally.

Danna is not only a professional business growth strategist but has worked Internationally within the country of Brazil. She is a public speaker and four-time #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon.

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