Business Health Check Assessment

Find out how healthy your business is with this Business Health Check Assessment… Our Assessment questionnaire is specifically designed to evaluate your current performance across 20 critical key performance sectors helping uncover areas needing improvement.

Preventative Measures = Healthy Growth Results

Most owners of small and medium enterprises are so focused on satisfying the immediate needs of their customers, staff or suppliers that they forget to plan for the future. When all you think about is working “in” the business without giving a thought to working “on” the business...failure is imminent. For just $297 you can find out where the gaps are that could interfere in the growth of your company.

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Why Take The Business Health Check Assessment?

MarketAtomy's Business Health Check can be referred to as a current comprehensive evaluation of the crucial elements of your business and where it is today. It provides you with several questions to help you concentrate on the business in a way that helps you see it from the point of view of an external expert. It explores various key performance indicators as they relate to each other in the growth process. It involves a comprehensive diagnostic on the business and the outcome will define the strength of the business while pointing out ways of improving the business.

More than 400,000 new businesses are started every year in the United States according to the Small Business Administration. More than 70% of those businesses fail within the first 24 months of opening their doors. There are many reasons cited for business failure…poor management, undercapitalization, incorrect pricing structures, all of which are closely tied to knowledge and responsiveness. If you don’t know what you don’t know…how will you know what to focus on fixing?

No matter what industry or stage of business you are currently in, the Business Health Check Assessment is a proactive means of assessing 20 critical interdependent key performance areas within your business that could result in very high costs and the untimely demise of your business.  Upon completion you will receive a summary report highlighting the 5 functional components of business growth (operations, financial strength, product/service viability, marketing/sales and overall health).

By taking the Business Health Check Assessment you will receive an unbiased summary assessment on the overall health of your business today. The assessment examines current positioning in the following 20 critical areas: