Learn how to create a captivating story that will make your clients the HEROES of their industry

A 12-Week V.I.P. Lesson in Brand Story Development

Are You Ready To Take Your Storytelling To Another Level?

When it comes to marketing, storytelling is a powerful tool. By creating a story around the client's problem and the solution, you can help the client see themselves as the HERO. And when the client is the HERO, they're more likely to be engaged with your message. Storytelling also allows you to be more creative in your approach. You can use interactive elements to make the story more engaging. And by using storytelling, you can create a bond with the client that goes beyond the product or service you're selling.

MarketAtomy's 12-Week V.I.P. Interactive Program Is designed to delve deeper into the story development process. You will develop your brand story and build an implementation strategy for getting your story out in front of your audience. Included with this program are:

12 weekly interactive online learning segments
Interactive activities designed to reinforce the learning process
Bi-Weekly group coaching sessions (6 Total) to help break through those debilitating thoughts
Development of an implementation strategy for getting your story out in front of your audience


Next Storytelling Program Begins

OCT. 6th
11:30AM ET

Show your current customers and future customers who you are!

Storytelling is the most effective way of letting them know they're important! Your current customers will want to become raving fans and future customers will put trust in your promises.

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