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Do You Suffer From O.P.A?

What is O.P.A? Have you ever felt so OVERWHELMED with the amount of work needed to kick off your business that it made you just want to do nothing at all? O.P.A is when The OVERWHELM becomes so bad it leads to PARALYSIS and ultimately AVOIDANCE hoping it will take care of itself. It’s a common issue faced by many entrepreneurs entering their early stages. Don’t let this feeling stop your drive – tackle those tasks head-on with the help of other professionals like you through the Entrepreneur Alliance Network, a MASTERMIND focused on small micro business.

We have the CURE
for O.P.A!

Why Entrepreneur Alliance Group?

We believe in the American Dream of Entrepreneurship. We believe that every entrepreneur should have access to help and support no matter what their size or annual gross revenue. EA Network has been designed to bring together a community of small business leaders seeking peer-to-peer collaboration to facilitate overcoming business, career, and personal growth challenges in a mastermind environment. 

More importantly, we believe in the mastermind principle set forth by 
Napolean Hill…

“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”


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Business Ownership can be tough if you’re doing it alone. It can be very overwhelming physically and emotionally. That’s where MarketAtomy and the Entrepreneur Alliance Network come into the picture. We offer the experience, expertise, and community of like-minded professionals eager to share their wisdom and knowledge in helping you through the difficult process of launching and growing a new business.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know the challenges faced early on in starting a business. We’ve all been there before, some many times over. Whether new to entrepreneurship or seasoned, we all have little nuggets of experience to share that may help someone else going through similar issues. 

Cost: $2400 per year
Benefits: 12-month access to MarketAtomy Academy, 12-months of executive membership to C-Suite Networking ($1,200 value), weekly podcast access to Charged Up Studio, Member access to MarketAtomy’s online Community, collaboration with some of the world’s most influential business leaders, coaches, and authors.

No doubt! I was so overwhelmed after starting my business that I considered just shutting my doors and moving on. EA was there to help me maneuver the issues I was facing and help me make informed decisions...and keep my business operating

From beginning to end, everything was great! When I originally joined EA Network, I didn't have a lot of experience or confidence in my capabilities as an entrepreneur. Through the mastermind environment I not only found my worth but was able to contribute to others within the group

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