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Benefits of Government Procurement Contracting

Diversified Revenue

Any business owner knows that profitability is key to longevity and success. But what they may not realize is that a diversified income stream can be the framework for profitability and long-term success. In today’s uncertain economy, revenue diversification has never been more important. By incorporating the Government as an alternate revenue stream, businesses can insulate themselves from economic downturns and position themselves for long-term success.​

Economic Stability

In today’s economy, economic stability is more important than ever. With the recent economic downturn, many people are struggling to make ends meet. In order to maintain economic stability, it is important to have a strong financial foundation. During economic downtimes, private spending tightens while government spending intensifies. The key to economic stability is to plan and to insure against economic risks. 


Competitive Advantage

Any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition needs to have a competitive advantage. This can be achieved in many ways, but efficiency is often the key. By streamlining processes and making the most of resources, companies can gain a vital edge over their rivals. Of course, achieving efficiency is not always easy. Government contracting provides that level of efficiency and recognition often admired and sought after within the private community.

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is about making sure that everyone can take part in social, economic and cultural life ensuring that people have the same rights and opportunities, regardless of their background or circumstances. Social inclusion is about tackling social exclusion and disadvantage. It is vital for a successful society and helps to safeguard vulnerable people and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the life of the community.

About Us

The government is your new best friend especially during economic downtimes. You just need to be smart and strategic about it! MarketAtomy LLC understands the ins and outs of public procurement, so you can focus on what matters to your business. We have been working within the public sector for over 40 years, developing systems that get you into the game of public contracting.


Government contracting is a finicky beast. However, once you’re in…you’re golden! The relationships developed are yours to lose and we understand the ins-and outs of public procurement so that your company can be positioned favorably with every federal agency they come across for work opportunities both now and in the future.


Whether seeking to enter the local side (state, county, and municipal) or jump into Federal contracting without an introduction from Governmental Relations team members – we can help you get started!

Our Services

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Opportunity Research

Great! You’re in the market for a new government contract. But how do you know what resources are worth your time and money? We can help with that too, by providing initial research to guide you on all of those platforms- then regular monitoring so we always have an updated list GO/NO GO options at our fingertips when it comes down to deciding which ones will work best for YOUR business needs.

Bid/proposal submission

Our team of qualified content developers are waiting to hear about your needs. We can help you prepare a winning proposal or bid response that will leave even the most stubborn federal official impressed! Let us take care all aspects from managing time efficiently, identifying key milestones in each stage while keeping costs low - MarketAtomy knows how important this is for projects like yours since they're already tight on funds anyways-and providing persuasive arguments as well as they need them when responding properly during these tough economic times where every penny counts."

Education | Training

With the government procurement process being time-consuming and challenging, we have created an easy way for you to learn. Our interactive eLearning courses make this complicated subject simple so that there are no more worries about your limited schedule or knowledge on how it all works!
We understand what challenges businesses face when trying new things - which is why these lessons include both informative content as well as interactive activities designed to be customized around YOUR needs.


Accountability is taking responsibility for your results. It's being accountable no matter the task, and it ensures smooth operation in an organization - there'll be none of that blame game! In working with us at MarketAtomy we incorporate coaching sessions to help you improve within the public procurement market and business in general. Ultimately YOU can take on new challenges without fear or hesitation; because when someone has gone before them successfully completed such tasks themselves then they know firsthand just what could await those who don't follow suit.

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