An Interactive 3-Part Workshop

12-Month Strategic Growth Planning For Small Business

Consider this...

Every year, countless organizations conduct STRATEGIC PLANNING. And every year, 70% of their plans fail.

But think of the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE if you’re one of the 30% of companies that GET RESULTS!

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December 13th, 2019

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We’ve been designing and facilitating successful strategic planning off-site events for more than 10 years. Our clients range from early stage businesses looking for their first profits to established businesses looking to demonstrate substantial growth over the next 12-24 months. The organizations we work with are very different…but the challenges they face and their need to create focus are common ground.

Our strategic process focuses on developing answers to important questions like:

Why do we exist? (Purpose)

How do we behave? (Culture)

What do we do best? (Expertise)

How will we succeed? (Passion/Drive)

What’s most important, right now? (Sequencing)

Who must do what by when? (Ownership)

If you and your team can rally around clear answers to these types of fundamental questions, you will CREATE FOCUS that will dramatically increase the likelihood of achieving breakthrough results.

What you should expect from our strategic planning program?

If you’re thinking about strategic planning, then you probably feel that you and your team can do better. You have ASPIRATIONS – they may be relatively modest, or they may be “Big Hairy and Audacious.” In either case, we can help you identify and account for all of the “What Ifs,” “How Tos” and “Whys” that inevitably are overlooked in the planning process. The end result is a strategic plan that launches you and your organization toward your new, brighter future by…

What does MarketAtomy’s strategic growth planning program include?

MarketAtomy’s strategic growth planning sessions can be facilitated in an open workshop environment or at your place of business with your planning team. All of our programs are held in small group settings allowing for interactive engagement and customized deliverables unique to your specific needs.

We follow a three-phase process:

SPECIAL NOTE: Many of our planning clients request support to help them execute or hold them accountable to their chosen strategies (i.e., to avoid being one of the 70%!). We’re happy to provide follow-up support as a separate project.

What Is the cost for the strategic growth planning program?

Our professional fees are always based upon the project, so that you can call upon us at any time without concern that the “meter is running.”  Our work is also guaranteed, and we will commit as much time as necessary to fulfill the outlined objectives and meet the agreed-to time frames. Typically, a full 2-day customized strategic program can run between $5,600 and $7,200.

We also hold open group skill-training workshops/retreats (limited to 15 attendees each) that are priced at ½ day session $168/pp or full day session $220/pp. Click here to view our calendar of open workshops.

Our monthly accountability/coaching packages begin at $350/month for two accountability calls each month.

It’s easy to see why the return of investment of our strategic planning programs is so high!