As we move forward and welcome in the New Year I find myself reflecting on the past 12 months and how I have grown. What I have come to accept is that each New Year is not a new beginning, but rather a continuation of efforts begun the previous year. I can either continue on the same path or adjust my path to reflect a new end game. Not matter what though…there are NO failures over the previous 12 months, only successes. Even my unaccomplished goals are lessons learned and fodder for my more aggressive goals for the New Year.

As 2014 takes the stage, my goals have not changed but I now see them as a reflection of a deeper, more intimate awareness of what I want personally. My goals are derived more from an internal place than what mere achievement brings. Sure goals are to be achievable, and the end result is their completion. But rather than achievement for the sole purpose of taking another step toward the larger picture or being able to say that I accomplished my goals…I have learned to re-evaluate my approach to achieving them. Do they enrich my life and make ME a better person? Am I happy during the achievement process? Are they realistic?

Don’t get me wrong… I am not taking the easy way out. My goals are still designed to push my limits and build toward my larger goal of entrepreneurial success and personal well being. My approach to my goals each year for the past five years has been more focused and aggressive because of how they have uncovered my true potential rather than what they can afford me in the end. Through my goals each year I have uncovered the strength that I had within to take calculated risks, to overcome adversity by not succumbing to the words “no” and “can’t”. I have learned what my true capabilities are when backed up against the wall, surviving a near death experience to come out on the other end stronger than before. Reflecting on my goals from this point of view…each year I have met and surpassed my expectations!

My goals for 2014 are many. All of them are centered not only around my accomplishments but also on the accomplishments of others. My goals for 2014 will concentrate on assisting the small entrepreneur reach their goals as I reach for my own. My reflection going into 2015 will be on how many new entrepreneurs I helped during 2014 to reach their goals. That will be my true test of accomplishment.

I challenge you to think outside the box when establishing your goals for 2014. Rather than the typical lose weight, stop smoking, be a better man or woman…consider setting goals designed to reach down to your altruistic core. I believe that you will be surprised at the ratio of success at the end of the year…and how much your efforts have come back to reward you personally in the end.

Happy New Year!


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