Quick-Start Program for NonProfit Organizations‚Äč

Good strategic planning is focused on strategy, vision, and priorities for the future.  A key element of strategic planning is the identification and framing of critical issues. We help organizations examine current positioning, how it compares to others in offering the same services, and what may help or hinder organizational growth. MarketAtomy LLC has joined forces with one of the leading non-profit strategist Hugh Ballou with SynerVision Leadership to introduce our 12-month Nonprofit Empowerment program, designed to establish strategic direction and build the framework and foundation to carry out your strategy for your nonprofit organization.

Unsure or want to find out more about what the Nonprofit Leadership Empowerment Program is all about? Join us for our regular 1-day Leadership Symposiums held throughout the US. These Symposium workshops are designed to give a high level view on how to build a leadership team and infrastructure to grow your nonprofit from the ground up.

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Meet Your Empowerment Team

Hugh Ballou

SynerVision Leadership Foundation

Danna Olivo

MarketAtomy LLC

The Leadership Empowerment Program

The Foundational portion of the Empowerment Program is a 1-2 day storyboarding strategy session focusing on the overall MACROStrategy. This is where we will help you build the organizational values, vision, mission and long-term objectives. We will identify the sources of revenue and the channels for getting the revenue. We work with you to narrow down the scope and audience for your organization. Finally we help to develop a "wish list" of potential team members. When completed you will walk away with a strategy that can be implemented immediately.

The Activation portion of the Empowerment Program involves building the components identified in the Foundational module. This includes building scripts for team recruitment, client sales and tribe building. This is also where we will begin to develop and design the culture of the organization by hiring the RIGHT people, creating work plans and building in accountability mechanisms. Finally, we will assist with developing your overall leadership team by identifying leadership skills for each person, ensuring that the culture is carried out and developing the cultural communication and branding talking points. This portion of the program is done virtually.

The Systems portion of the Empowerment Program is where we begin to document the processes and procedures for operations. Things like Board functions and responsibilities, Staff performance expectations and vendor/consultant agreements are critical to ensuring that the organization operates profitably. During this phase we will also begin to develop routines such as regular meetings, reporting requirements, on-boarding techniques, etc. Additionally, we will work on the branding/marketing side of the organization. This portion of the program will continue over the 12-month period.

The Maintenance portion of the Empowerment Program will focus on monthly accountability to ensure goals and milestones are being met. Semi-Annual strategy revisions will be conducted to take any corrective action steps as needed. We will also explore additional revenue streams. Finally, the maintenance portion will focus on building and expanding upon the systems and methodologies that have been identified to further document and record.