podcast imageHave you ever dreamed of working in radio? Well today that dream is not that far off. In fact, anybody can become a radio celebrity with just a few clicks of a button on your computer. It is called Podcasting. I am currently developing my platform to introduce my own podcast entitled Radio EBS – BizTalkToday to launch the first of the year.

Podcasting has rapidly become one of the go to tools for enhancing brand awareness within the corporate environment both nationally and internationally. Three primary advantages are the driving force behind the rapid growth of podcasting.

Building Customer Loyalty

What advantage does Podcasting present for branding in today’s market? Podcasting has become a growing trend among marketing strategists primarily because of its convenience and affordability for building consumer loyalty. Consider this…there islisten-to-podcast no other marketing tool that is easily consumed while driving, working out, commuting on a bus or train on your way to work. Think about how much time you spend commuting every day just to and from the office. Imagine how much time your target audience spends behind the wheel or on the train. Another point is it’s the only type of content you can safely, and probably even legally, consume from behind the wheel of a car. Podcasting provides an ideal way for busy workers to find scarce valuable time to absorb information. It’s a way to multi-task without taking away from any part of their productive workday.

Today’s social marketing platform is becoming more and more interactive as consumers and business owners seek out more hours in the day.

The disconnect that the social environment holds between consumer and business owners does not negate the need to provide a transparent, trusting and inviting platform for engagement. The intercommunicative platform that Podcasting provides ushers in another level to the social communication platform through voice and video. Rather than simply letting your words tell the story, your tonal inflections and/or facial impressions can assist with sealing the deal.

Podcasting can also help to bridge the gap between the consumer and entrepreneur by putting a face and history to the product or service the entrepreneur is selling. If produced properly, podcasting can be a way to motivate through storytelling…with sound or video. Think about when mom or dad read to you at night before going to bed. Did you find yourself in the story? Podcasting shuttles in the opportunity to sell your product or service as though you were right there in front of the consumer without even leaving your bedroom. It is another funnel link into your overall marketing program.

Podcasting provides a platform for developing and growing customer loyalty. As they hear your voice regularly speaking as an expert, consumers start to build a trust with you and your product. This loyalty helps to drive sales. When I am researching a new product, I do look into the product or service as well as the company. I want to know the history of the company, their ethics, and how they are reflected in their product or service. I want to feel like the company wants my business and is dedicated to me as well as the community around me.

Podcasting can also helps to build strategic partnerships between synergistic businesses. In today’s economy, small companies need to work together in order to succeed against big corporations. By opening up your podcast to support strategic partners by providing expert advice through interviews you not only show the consumer that you can work with others to provide solutions when needed, but you strengthen your brand by becoming a “go to” resource for answers as needed. A partner could also help you see issues with your product that you may not have recognized. Consider the old cliché “two heads are better than one.”

Affordability and Reach

How-to-Make-Money-PodcastingThe reach that Podcasting brings to your branding efforts is phenomenal. In 2015, only 17% of the United States population listened to a Podcast in any given month. However, consider that the US population is around 326 million individuals; 17% would be over 55 million people. If just 1% of these individuals listened to your podcast, it would equate to approximately 550,000 listeners. Now consider the fact that the average monthly cost for podcasting is around $25 per month and perhaps 15 minutes of your time daily, depending on how often your air your podcast. This seems like a no-brainer to me.

Personally, I’d feel good if only 550 listeners tuned into my Podcast monthly…but that that’s not the goal here. The overall percentage of podcast listeners has also increased dramatically. We have seen more than 36 million new podcast listeners since 2010.

Additional Revenue Stream

While you can use a podcast to get your brand on the market, the podcast itself can also lead to extra revenue. By building your subscriber base, you attract attention from other businesses who want to reach your audience through sponsorships. Through these sponsorships, you can recommend the sponsor’s products or services in exchange for revenue. As subscribers increase, so does what the number of sponsors willing to pay you to help market their product or service. You may also use your on air time to promote your own up-sell products by offering special promotions or giveaways driving listeners to your website or storefront.

In summary Podcasting can help you reach your potential audience faster and cheaper, while building customer loyalty and branding. It gives a voice promoting brand loyalty by guiding them down a path designed to personalize their buying experience. Once there is a strong subscriber following, podcasts will help generate money through sponsors and promotions embedded within the podcast. This is a win-win all the way around.

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