Working Together Like a Precision Time Piece

Type in “SEO white paper” into your Google search bar and you’ll get over 8.8 million hits –“Social Media Marketing” will get you over 159 million hits! Thus, if you want to learn more about either, you have plenty of options to choose from (Wikipedia definition links SEO and Social Media Marketing).  The simple truth is that you must optimize your site to be “search engine friendly” for web crawlers, the principle means by which search engines use to gather data about your site to index the pages clients can find you.  In addition, your Social Media Marketing, which includes not only your blog, but participation in social networks (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc..) must be written with SEO in mind as they compliment each other.  Clever copy, cute anecdotes, case studies and real life stories are great ways to position yourself as an expert in your field; expressing yourself in a regular blog and letting people know your opinion based on experience is the point, BUT … if you don’t do both with SEO in mind, sadly you might have the greatest site/product/service in the world, but no one will know!

It’s Easy to Learn….Hard to Master

As with many things in life, understanding at a conceptual level is easy, but to get something done typically requires a level of mastery.  Flying a glider plane involves just riding on air currents right? I understand the concept, but know it would take some time between deciding that I wanted to do it, and being able to fly solo….and survive.

The same concept  applies to Social Media and SEO mastery. Everyone understands that you must have a web site if you are in business, yet don’t fully realize and take advantage of the total package that a website and internet brings – your web site is a 24/7 marketer for your company!  Instead of developing a web site with specific intent as a result of strategic planning in mind, a lot of firm look at a website as “oh yeah, we need to have a web site…how quick can we get that?” Others acknowledge that they need a web site done right and accept the fact that their business isn’t building web sites and take the opportunity to outsource this piece of their marketing strategy.  As your earlier search demonstrated, there are many companies whose only product is providingSEO and Social Media Marketing services. Why not tap into their expert knowledge … allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

How Are YOU Getting the Message Out?

Do you currently have a web site?  Is it easy to update, or do you need to go to your web master to do it? Is your web site search engine optimized?  Do you know how to check? Do you have a blog?  Do you know that updating your blog can attract search engine crawlers that are always looking for new content?  Do you know that posting responses on other business sites could drive traffic to yours if done properly?  Do you know you can get a “free web site analysis” ? – (type that into your Google search bar and you’ll get over 422 million hits)…and lots of calls and offers for Site Analysis service! All of this information is readily available on the internet, in books, eBooks, subscription web sites etc. But wait…you are thinking that after a little research you can actually do it yourself, it really isn’t that complicated.  If however, you have already gone there…done that and you have come to the realization that you are too busy doing what you do best and you just do not have the time to do it right, give us a call. We can boil it all down to a specific action plan for your business We will look at where you are today and stack it up to where you want to be. We can help you design a roadmap to help you get there!  Send us an email or gives a call at 407-405-6410.

DAVNA Enterprises is a marketing solutions firm dedicated to the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry to improve the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and keeping marketing professionals apprised of new and upcoming marketing tools and resources.  This article contributed by David Olivo, Davna Chief Technologist.

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