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“V” is for Versatile

DAVNA’s A.C.T.I.V.E. Marketing concept highlights the six elements that make up an effective living-breathing branding campaign capable of maneuvering the economic roller coaster today’s entrepreneurs face in the consumer marketplace.

Building a Versatile Marketing Campaign?

When planning any campaign whether long or short term it is important to plan for the unexpected. Flexibility to adapt to changing conditions is the new “black” in marketing.

marketing automationIn an era where consumers are moving away from purchasing based solely on brand and doing their own pre-purchasing research, it is imperative that marketers seek out new ways to maximize marketing efforts to target consumers where they are, providing exactly what they want. The introduction of numerous competitors of smart phones, tablets, etc. has forced Apple® to re-engineer their marketing/branding efforts to stay one-step ahead of the competition. As an Apple® fan-girl I must confess that I have recently moved from the iPhone to an Android.

Many of the smart phones on the market provide the same…if not more features than the current iPhone without additional charges. The Apple® brand is no longer dictating my purchasing decisions, but rather the value I receive either from the phone manufacturer or the carrier, or a combination of both are what I rely on. As an entrepreneur who is on the road 30 hours of every week, I need to stay connected 24/7. All of my devices, whether they are Apple® branded or not must remain synced simultaneously. In addition, as I get older, my eyes are not what they were, so I need a larger screen, and I need other features such as blue tooth connectivity, voice activated delivery, reliable GPS and other cool tools without an additional up-charge from the manufacturer or carrier. These are all drivers of a versatile marketing campaign.

Other examples include reconfiguring or developing a website for mobile application and viewing, building in social media outreach programs, or interactive experience platforms (try before you buy). As stated I have been loyal to Apple® products for years, which means I was accustomed to utilizing the Apple® applications as well, such as iCal, Apple Mail and Contacts, etc.

I am not one to reject change and usually can go with the flow. However, I recently had to incorporate a CRM system into my business to assist in tracking my sales and production efforts. After quite a bit of research I could not find an affordable system that easily adapted and synced with my Apple® applications, let alone my devices. Ultimately, I settled on an affordable system that worked well with Google. Unfortunately, I had to switch over all of my contacts, email, calendar and other applications to interact with Google introducing another learning curve resulting in a lot of hair pulling.

What does all of this have to do with versatility? What it means is that my needs are what ultimately drove the marketing outreach campaigns for not only my CRM provider, but Google, Apple® and my cell phone provider. My immediate needs are what manufacturers and suppliers are trying to get a handle on because they know that I am ready to buy NOW. Their goal is to target their campaigns to meet my immediate needs and make my buying decisions easier. The problem is, my needs change constantly depending on any given day or project. Keeping up with those changes is why entrepreneurs must keep their finger on the pulse of the market and be ready to change their marketing approach accordingly.

Marketing automation is one of the best ways to begin building an adaptive marketing campaign. One that not only captures current consumer buying habits but also contains built in predictors of future consumer buying changes. I utilize several online resources to remain apprised of what is changing within the market and with consumer buying habits. Follow this link to download a FREE report on Marketing Automation. As always, we are hear to assist you in developing a customized A.C.T.I.V.E. marketing strategy for your business! One that is responsive to your consumer needs. Simply reach out to us online at or email to

DAVNA Enterprises specializes in building strategic Marketing programs that are A.C.T.I.V.E. Unique and relevant off and on line programs that engage consumers and inspire action. We take a hard look at your marketing objectives and your audience and create experiential marketing based campaigns engage your target where they live, breath, work, and play.

For more information or to receive a copy of our full report on building a campaign for your company email with the subject line “ACTIVE Marketing Campaign Report”. We will gladly send the reports out to you free of charge.

DAVNA Enterprises, LLC is a Florida based firm specializing in the development and implementation of strategic operational, marketing and business development programs locally and internationally. Whether a new business starting out or an existing firm seeking increased market exposure, rebranding or repositioning, DAVNA brings more than 35 years of experience and the expertise needed to successfully develop and execute strategies designed to achieve your ultimate goals. For more information visit or email

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