Attention Business Owners...

Are you consistently missing sales goals?

Are revenues flatlining...dropping?

Are your customers leaving unexpectedly?

Often organizations rely on just a few “rock stars” to hit their sales numbers, along with a few mediocre reps who surprisingly pull out a big deal on the last day of the quarter. This only leads to uncertainty as the quarter winds down and added stress wondering if cash-flow will be sufficient for the next quarter.

Sound Familiar?

Want to replace this uncertainty with the confidence of knowing projected sales goals will be consistently met and exceeded? Want to know which reps need more training and coaching before it’s too late? Want to build a highly functioning team that will hit it out of the park consistently each quarter?

The Sales Readiness Blueprint (SRB) is the first step to reaching your revenue growth goals. SRB assesses your organization across multiple area including:

  • Team Competencies

    Competency frameworks define the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for people within your organization. Each individual role should have its own set of competencies needed to perform their job effectively.

  • Sales Systems & Methodologies

    The “how” of selling is unique to each organization. The Sales Readiness Blueprint explores your organization’s existing sales processes based on your market, vertical, products, and industry position.

  • Sales Strategy

    The Sales Readiness Blueprint explores your sales strategy as it relates to how you go about selling your products and/or services and increasing profits.

  • Sales Performance Management

    The Sales Readiness Blueprint assessment will explore your organization’s approach to hiring, managing, and incentivizing your sales force to drive optimal performance.

  • Sales Methodology

    Sales methodology explains the “how” and the “what” behind the sales process. It connects the process to your customers’ needs and provides a roadmap for how to navigate each stage. The Sales Readiness Blue print will highlight areas that might need improvement.

  • Organization & Talent Management

    Your organization’s commitment to hiring, managing, developing, and retaining talented employees is paramount in effectively building a qualified sales funnel. The Sales Readiness Blueprint will identify areas that may lead to disruptive team

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