As I think back to the mentors I’ve had in my life, I realize that their wisdom was based on the fact that everything they did centered around their Strategic Plan.  Each step they took was with purpose, the difference is that they shared that purpose, that vision, so I knew what to do, and more importantly, why.

Helping you reach your full potential!

We all have fond memories of “mentors” or special people that have helped in forming the people we are today. For some of us…it may be a favorite elementary or middle school teacher, for me it was a combination of a college professor and previous employer who helped me to uncover and realize my full potential within this industry, and set me on my path to where I am now.

Difference between Dreamers and Doers

As we maneuver through the current economic state that our industry is in…creating and developing “Doers” is imperative to keeping the doors open. There are thinkers, and there are doers. Thinking is great, many people have great ideas on how to change or improve their positions or even the future of their firms but lack the initiative or the support to bring these ideas to reality. Why not develop “doers” as you take take the role of mentor?

Converting your “Dreamers” to “Doers”

Mentors are the ones who can look past the immediate, working according to their strategic plan, and turn “Dreamers” to“Doers” through encouragement, guidance and support. Many people feel that being a mentor requires special skills, but mentors are simply people who have the qualities of good role models and take the time to explain not only what needs done, but why. The following are qualities of a mentor:

  • Mentors use life experiences and sharing of interests to encourage the total growth of a less experienced person whose needs and interests are the mentor’s primary consideration in the relationship, whether personal or professional.
  • Mentors are role models, demonstrating appropriate behavior and attitudes admired by fellow colleagues and mentees. Your interactions together teach your mentee what it means to be a professional and expand their perspective and definition of their jobs and career.
  • Mentors view issues and problems that may arise from activities in a positive light by building on related strengths that the employee or colleague may have demonstrated. A perfect example may involve approaching resolution through avenues that the mentee is interested in.
  • Mentors turn experiences into learning opportunities. By keeping an eye out for “teachable” moments associated with the “mentee’s” interests, as a mentor you can help him or her develop the interest further. From there you can find other ways to transform a casual interest into other learning experiences using your time, energy and perhaps connections.
  • Mentors help to raise self-esteem in mentees by sharing life skills and providing positive reinforcement for participation and achievement. Mentors act as “resource brokers” by introducing their mentees to as many new opportunities as possible and helping them to access their own resources to make things happen.
  • Mentors are what build strong creative corporate executives. Ask any executive who encouraged or taught them what they know … I guarantee you they will have two or three influential people in their past that set them on their career course.

As a mentor you can be the one to help the mentee make the connection between their present actions and their goals for the future.  For example, if a mentee dreams of moving up in the firm…as mentor you can point out how working together with that“difficult” colleague could show a level of maturity on the part of the mentee that could result in a promotion.

Too busy to mentor?  We can work with your staff to mentor them to help you achieve your goals. Call us to find out how.

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