perfect stormRecently my life has become a mass flurry of activity resulting from the culmination of multiple planned events all coming together and breaking loose in the perfect storm. We’ve all heard the saying… “Be careful what you wish for…because it just may come true.” Strategic planning is not finite but rather a living, breathing entity…hence the “Perfect Storm” scenario. The importance of strategic planning is not necessarily to control the result but to have a “plan of action” in place for when your strategic efforts produce the desired results…or not. Sometimes this may mean having to juggle multiple projects at the same time. This is where I am at right now. My recent induction into the #1 Top Selling Authors on Amazon circle with the “Success from the Heart” presale event has kicked my business into overdrive.

This IS good news! However, at the same time our inaugural kick off of the Ready…Set…PROSPER workshop is also happening in less than a month requiring a great deal of time and effort in planning, marketing and development, AND…I am teamed with good friend and partner Dr. Wanda Bonet-Goscot for a teleseminar to air September 3rd. Whew! All of these events have generated a great deal of activity and interest requiring focused attention and management.

Where am I going with this?

All of us…whether in our personal lives or our business lives encounter the perfect storm at one time or another. That period when it all becomes so overwhelming that we think that we can’t manage it all. Here’s the point…you CAN manage it with the right tools and mindset.

There are two groups of people out there when faced with the perfect storm. Those who bury their heads in the sand and wait for the storm to pass, and those who run head on into the storm unprepared! Neither approach is ideal in this situation. The best approach to is to step back, breathe, assess and regroup. The most advantageous decisions are made with a clear head, not one that is buried or filled with conflicting emotions.

Which brings me to the subject of this article. Whether dealing with the perfect storm conspiring to throw you off track or hitting seemingly impenetrable roadblocks keeping you from moving forward…you can take control by taking a timeout to reassess. Feelings of being out of control are really a symptom of unrealized fears. As entrepreneurs we are really very passionate, driven individuals. When things don’t go as planned we begin to doubt our capabilities and fall back to what is “comfortable.”

Stretching the Boundaries

There are several emotional barriers or fears that we tend to fall back on, allowing them to dictate our next moves. Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you:

  1. Self-Sabotage – deep down you don’t believe that you deserve success and therefore throw up your own roadblocks along the way.
  2. Fear of Losing Face – you don’t want to look bad in front of colleagues, clients or friends. Therefore, rather than take the risk, you hold back. You convince yourself that if you don’t put yourself out there…you won’t have to face the backlash if you fail.
  3. Narcissism – on the other end of the spectrum you think that you know it all and are not open to receiving well-intentioned guidance from others who have been there…done that.
  4. Fear of Inadequacy – There isn’t an entrepreneur out there who does not have doubts about their capabilities and whether they are smart enough, diligent enough or strong enough to make it. Let me offer a word of advice…the ONLY way to fulfill all of the roles and responsibilities it would take to succeed in business is through teamwork. Rather than condemning yourself for what you DON’T know, why not take pride in the fact that you can pull together the most efficient and effective team to carry out your dream.
  5. Fear of confrontation – Being an entrepreneur does not mean that you have to be an island on your own, but it does mean that you have to take a stand and believe in it…own it. There will be times that outside forces will try to tear you down and derail you. If your beliefs and commitment are strong enough these naysayers will never have a platform to stand on. Sensitivity does not have a place in entrepreneurship…but vulnerability does. Therefore, don’t take things personally, but keep your heart and mind open to where your next champions might be.

There are so many suggestions that I could offer for handling the perfect storm. Things like meditation, exercise, talking it out…all of which I still struggle with. I tend to be the one to run straight into the storm, consequences be damned. But I am learning.

My teleseminar or September 3rd concentrates specifically on this topic. Entitled “What’s Holding You Back…Evict Your Emotional Barriers!” If you would like to participate in this FREE interactive seminar to take place at 1:00pm EDT you can sign up here.

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