BulletProof Your Mind

Psychology of a Positive Mindset for Small Business Entrepreneurs

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  • Bullet 1: Confront and Deal with your Inner Demons
  • Bullet 2: Reclaim the Empathy & Kindness lost within
  • Bullet 3: Eliminate Negative Energy
BulletProof Your Mind
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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Conditioning Your Mind

    The human mind is amazing. You need to remember that the organ in your head has been responsible for building civilizations, going to space, and creating the screen you’re looking at right now.

  • Chapter 2: Confront and Deal with Your Inner Demons Once and For All

    The way your mind works has a lot to do with your past, whether you’re aware of it or not.

  • Chapter 3: Awaken Your Unconscious Behavior

    Perhaps the tritest explanation of the unconscious mind is the iceberg. The tip of the iceberg jutting from the water is your unconscious, and below the chilly waters is a mammoth of ice, unseen unless you have the right equipment to view it.

  • Chapter 4: Reclaim the Empathy and Kindness that is Lost Within You

    Empathy is the ability to see it through someone else’s eyes. You know how the person is feeling, how they see the world, can feel their emotions, and so forth. It’s not to be confused with sympathy, which is what you wish on someone who suffers misfortune.

  • Chapter 5: What is the Purpose of your Life?

    When it comes to our lives, everyone should have a purpose. Purpose is the motivation that keeps us fighting and going. Without purpose, life becomes meaningless.

  • Chapter 6: Simple Yet Effective Ways to Eliminate the Negative Energy

    People with bulletproof minds expel most of the negative energy around them. There are a lot of religious and spiritual names for this energy. You are most probably familiar with this negativity or even struggling with it.

  • Chapter 7: The Key Elements to Decisiveness

    No one became successful because they sat around, thinking the world was going to fall apart around them. This is the law of attraction at work. Decisive people will attract success. People will want to be around you, building you a little network.

  • Chapter 8: Why Stop There, When Greatness is Just One Step Away?

    Someone with a bulletproof mind never stays on the plateau for long. When making a change, think of it as climbing a hill. You’re running up to it, sweating and struggling with every step on the ground, and then you reach the top, and the ground is now even. You run on the ground for a while, and then it becomes easy because you are used to it.

  • Chapter 9: Leave No Man Behind

    By now, your mind is unstoppable. You’re racing towards your goals, and no matter how many bullets come your way, you get past them or not afraid of it. Your life has improved immensely, and you never hit any plateaus, but instead climb mountains that get taller and rockier.

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BulletProof Your Mind
Complete the information below to download your FREE copy of the BulletProof Your Mind Report.
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