The Power of Execution

Goals are Meaningless without Execution

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  • Power Tip 1: Goal setting is the process of deciding what you would like and making a plan to accomplish it..
  • Power Tip 2: Goal setting is a structured process.
  • Power Tip 3: Goal setting provides a means of breaking through major roadblocks.
The Power of Execution Report
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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Vision Vs. Execution

    Vision is great. In fact, it is the starting point for all big things to come. But vision means very little unless executed.

  • Chapter 2: Execution without Intention

    Executing an idea can be very difficult which is why ultimately not every good idea becomes an instant hit. There are times external factors like lack of knowledge or mismanagement can kill off an idea before anything can happen.

  • Chapter 3: Strategic Execution | Part 1

    Strategy execution is much like going on a trip towards a planned destination. You need to decide on a destination, check the weather and road conditions, estimate travel time and decide how many stops you may need to make on the way. Then there are the unexpected consequences.

  • Chapter 4: Strategic Execution | Part 2

    Integral to making sure your execution stays on track, it is important to keep a close eye on results.  This means that having a goal isn’t enough by itself. You also need to have some system of tracking your movement towards that target.

  • Chapter 5: Setting Powerful Goals The S.M.A.R.T. Way

    Goal setting is important because it provides focus and allows you to work towards long range goals. In the meantime, you also get to learn how to get past short range obstacles along the way.

  • Chapter 6: The Importance of Performance Coaching

    Performance coaching is a process where one individual facilitates the development and action planning of another. This can be done in a personal, organizational, professional or entrepreneurial context.

  • Chapter 7: Why People Fail To Reach Their Goals

    When people set up goals and fail to achieve them, there remains a known gap between what the strategy says should be done and what actually gets done. This is known as the execution gap and represents a scenario that is often caused by some very typical shortcomings.

  • Chapter 8: Overcoming The Fear Of Failure

    With so much talk about why good strategies fail or why certain goals are never achieved, you may think that you have covered everything about unaccomplished goals. However, the biggest hurdle that stops people from pursuing their goals is the fear of failure.

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The Power of Execution Report
Complete the information below to download your FREE copy of the Power of Execution Report.
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