Well it’s official. First there were the baby-boomers, the echo-boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials (Gen Yers)…Now we have the SMEXers (Social Media Experts). Ok, it’s not an official generational breakout, but it could be. In fact, I will bet that soon this generation would bypass all the others in size.

Today I have been developing a white paper on the Social Media titled “Is Social Media a Viable Tool for the AEC Environment?” and I am amazed at the interest level surrounding this phenomena. The coolest thing of all is that this group is not broken down by age demographics. Granted, the largest participants within his group are the younger half of the population, but to my amazement (and this is the lesson of the day), when I posted the question on my various social networks to gather my research, more than 67% of he responses came from the older half of the population. Go figure!

Now I can hold my head up high and proclaim…I am part of the SMEXer Generation!

Well it was a long night last night, so I am going to say good night and happy blogging. Let me know what you learned new today.

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