Integrated Marketing

To succeed in today’s economic market, AEC firms large and small need to be able to market to their target audience more efficiently and economically than ever before. As marketers we are all aware of the importance of targeted marketing to different generational learning styles and buying habits. Basic marketing 101 teaches that generational marketing takes strategic planning and precision and a keen understanding of the psyche of our target audience, right?

Generational differences present a challenging situation not only in economic consumption but in the work environment as well. The Census Bureau and the National Institute on Aging project that by 2030, close to one-fourth of all Europeans will be over 65 and in North America the projection is for over 20 percent. China and Japan both have serious issues concerning aging, while the life expectancy of working adults has risen to the low 80s. In the AEC environment, we see many designers, engineers and construction professionals working well into their 70s and 80s.

To make things even more confusing, throw in the psychographic variable. Psychographics are any attribute relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyle of a particular group of people. Unlike demographics, which are characteristics of age, gender, and income level, psychographics pertain to the personality of a particular person or group. Confused yet?

When trying to market to today’s AEC business environment we are dealing with a hodge-podge of different generational and psychographic genres. So how do we reach the largest portion of our target audience efficiently and economically? Integrated marketing.

What it is, what it isn’t!

Not your basic integrated marketing, but a riskier, more diverse, more people centric marketing program. The pain of this economic recession is still raw, but companies need to adapt to the new market. If you haven’t been touched by it, you haven’t been playing the game. Life after this recession will not be business as usual… we’re not going to do business exactly the way we did before. The new AEC integrated marketing focus — will be blazed by risk takers.

Efficiency does not mean boilerplate marketing, nor does economical mean low-cost. Today’s integrated marketing program is one that incorporates themed, impactful messages that speak to current issues and trends. It resonates with high-end graphics, less verbiage and promotes solution selling. It is not cheap, but per capita is less expensive because it effectively reaches more of your target audience in their own backyard. More than anything else though, it is carried out through a well defined and strategically planned campaign that incorporates print, video, television, PR, social media, the Internet and promotion.

If you are ready to be bold, we can help.  Whether you need help developing a strategic plan, or assistance with parts of your strategic plan, or you just need someone to keep you on task we can help.  Please contact us to set up an appointment so we can help you get started on your integrated marketing!

DAVNA Enterprises, LLC is a marketing solutions firm dedicated to the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry to improve the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and keeping marketing professionals apprised of new and upcoming marketing tools and resources.

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