As we enter October and focus on Breast Cancer Awareness, I’m faced with the realization that this disease is no longer just another cause but a rude awakening to the impact it is currently making on my life and my family. My sister was diagnosed about a month and a half ago with breast cancer for the 2nd time. She had already undergone a partial mastectomy several years ago and thought that everything had been taken care of with the removal of the cancerous breast. However, almost 15 years later it has returned in the other breast. This time surgery wasn’t the only option available. Within a matter of days, she underwent another mastectomy and began 6 rounds of chemo treatments. There are five of us siblings rallying around in support, not counting her 4 daughters and other family members. I’m sure many of you who have had the misfortune of having to undergo the same health issues would agree, nothing can alleviate the aftereffects of chemo treatments. Having the love and support of those you love can provide the strength needed to endure through the discomfort.

Why do I bring this up as we enter Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Because I’m ashamed that it has taken a personal hit to grab my attention and take action to what I can do to help others in the same situation. I can’t do anything for my sister other than be there for her through this ordeal. But I can do something to support the research in finding a cure that will keep others from going through what she is currently going through.

Why must we wait until it hits home to get involved though? Granted society as a whole doesn’t turn a blind eye to those in need, but awareness and engagement shouldn’t be an afterthought but rather a cultural need to fulfill a greater purpose…almost like breathing.

As we move into the next decade, we will see a rise in social entrepreneurship and engagement. Why? Because the next generation behind us is much more socially connected. For years we’ve been a society of “ME” thinkers. All about my career, my kids, my house, my life… As we move forward the transformative focus will be all about “US” as a society…a nation…a world!

Nonprofit organizations are cropping up across the globe depending on the goodness of others to help them make a difference in the world by donating their Time, Talent and Money. The responsibility is on the nonprofit organizations to present themselves as a viable cause worthy of donor support. This means building an infrastructure that speaks to the benefits and experience of donors and volunteers.

The experience of donors, whether financially or volunteering, is what grows a nonprofit organization. The experience is supported by a functioning leadership team and solid foundation. Larger nonprofits organizations like the American Heart Association and the Breast Cancer Awareness Society have the foundation and large teams in place to support the experience of the donors and volunteers. However, smaller organizations do not, and therefore suffer the lack of resources and cash-flow needed to make an impact for their cause. Nonprofit just like for profit organizations are businesses first, and therefore require a strategy for growth and brand acceptance. The primary difference is that nonprofit organizations are held to higher standards from government and society in general.

I would like to put out a challenge during this month of Breast Cancer Awareness that we all contribute $20 dollars or 20 hours to helping end breast cancer in 2020. Go to to donate or reach out to your local Breast Cancer Charity to volunteer.

If you would like to find out more about establishing or growing your non-profit organization go to

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