I don’t know about any of you, but I am soooo glad this political season will be over. Every four years, I say that during the weeks leading up to election time, and things always remain the same. I’m referring to the backstabbing, false accusations, and political rhetoric that goes along with politics as usual. In my non-expert opinion, I think that we are moving backward instead of forward as a nation. The divide between political parties is even more expansive than it’s ever been. Is there an opportunity for change, or will we continuously be presented with less than stellar leadership to guide our nation? That remains to be seen.

As some of you already know, I co-host a weekly podcast called “Charged Up Studio,” which airs every Tuesday at 9 am EST. My co-host Sendra Dorcey is extremely right-winged in her political views. Although she is Libertarian at heart, we still get into some rather boisterous debates on what our country will look like depending on who sits in the chair at the end of this election. The final results are not confirmed as of this morning. It seems like a very tight race on the popularity side of the table. We’ll see what the congressional votes say soon.

Either way, let’s look at what we might expect to move forward, depending on who wins this race. There are 98 Electoral votes left to win as of the writing of this blog. I think that things are closer than either party anticipated. With Trump holding the lead in the four largest remaining states of PA, GA, MI, and NC, a win in all would put him firmly in the Presidential seat with 280 votes. Biden, having won the remaining states, would sit at only 251 votes. However, if Biden were to capture one of the states currently in Trump’s sights, it would be a game-changer.

Whoever occupies the oval office for the next four years will have to present a balanced plan to the aftereffects of COVID-19 and move the nation in a more positive direction. We’ve been “reacting” for the past nine months, which has negatively affected all aspects of our way of life. It’s time to focus on our own house to get that back on an even keel before aiding our neighbors beyond our borders. 

The idea of mandatory immunizations is a scary thought. My thoughts are that I don’t want to be forced to be injected with a preventative medication if I don’t show any signs of the virus. Nor do I want my travel options, business operations, or regular day-to-day activities to be governed by whether my employees or I have gotten immunized. I fear that more government interference will only move us closer to a socialist society.

I know that many others share my fears in the nation and around the world. We have been a superpower for many years, but that strength is being threatened on all fronts, not just at home. I believe we will see a much more focused President if Trump is to win. He will be more concentrated domestically and abroad. He will continue to strengthen our relations with foreign countries, dismissing the political rhetoric from fellow politicians, the house, and other countries like China, who continue to throw their weight around for political gain.

His no-holds-barred business approach to foreign relations has ruffled a lot of feathers with NATO. His motto “Let’s Make America Great Again” follows his strategy by not backing down but rather challenging other NATO countries. Whether his approach is the most appropriate or not, I can’t say…but the end goal is to lift America and bring it back to its original position as the world leader.

Conspiracy theories aside, a Biden Presidency may only move us toward a more socialist economy as he mandates universal immunizations and masks to control COVID-19. Yet, he continues to support opening borders to our foreign neighbors and illegal immigrants. His promises to lower the age of Medicare eligibility are guaranteed to put more taxing on an already tight federal budget. Thinking he might make up for the deficit by taxing corporations and the rich at a higher rate is only pie in the sky thinking. Suppose the federal government is eager to help out the citizens. Why not put that money into building a robust small business environment, providing incentives and tax breaks to qualified business owners. By supporting small business owners, it stands to reason that not only would the GDP increase as more tax dollars are received from the small businesses, but the labor force would improve as these small businesses can hire more employees with the savings. Finally, American families’ overall mental and physical health would improve as the stress of failure is minimized.

Let’s wake up and “Put America First once again.


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